I was a foodie before VSG and having bariatric surgery hasn’t stopped that at all (with modifications of course 😂)

I have learned to adjust my food portions and how many times I eat in a day. I always allow myself time in between meals to get my water in. I try to eat lots of protein rich foods. Seafood is a favorite, avocados are now a favorite as well. I’ve learned that food does not have to be your enemy. Portion control is a wonderful thing. And, I mean you really don’t have a choice after VSG. Your body kinda forces you.🤷🏽‍♀️


I am always trying new things and new places trying to find restaurant selections that can accommodate my belly can be a challenge sometimes. One thing for sure is that I always have left overs. ‘

Diet Post-Op VSG

My diet stayed clean throughout my recovery. I made it through clear liquids, full liquids, soft foods then I was finally cleared to go back to a regular diet. Once I was cleared to eat soft foods I was extremely happy. The soups, broths and protein shakes started to get boring.

On the regular, I balance my diet with tons of protein and fatty rich foods. Fruit is also a staple in my diet. I always try to monitor my food and fluid intake. I have experienced being overstuffed twice since surgery and man oh man was it unpleasant. My stomach is only 4oz so I try to eat slowly, chew my food completely and wait 30minutes after to drink.

Journey of self discovery, empowerment, and inspiration after bariatric surgery

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