VSG and ALL the Pretty Colors


Sometimes all you need is a little splash of color

One thing I can say about weight loss surgery is that you definitely feel brighter. Because of that you tend to dress brighterโ€ฆ.at least thatโ€™s how it happened for me. Weight loss has increased my confidence levels so much. I have found a new love for shopping clothes, shoes, accessories any and everything. Iโ€™ve always had a thing for shopping but it was mainly therapeutic. Prior to surgery my closet didnโ€™t know what colors or patterns were. If I had any colorful items in my closet before VSG it came from the hubbs.

190 pounds

Last Year before surgery i would have never

Last year before surgery I would have never!

I say that about a lot of things now. Colors usually attract attention so I was never one who wanted to wear colors and bright things. After about 6 months post-op the self confidence skyrocketed. I found myself shopping and buying all kinds of stuff. I begin to test out colors and patterns trying to get out of the boring and plain.

The hubbs actually gifted me a shopping spree for meeting one of my weight loss goals. I walked into a clothing store and walked out with 4 overstuffed bags of clothes. I started collecting shoes and all! I actually get excited nowadays about trying things on. I wonโ€™t wear things that donโ€™t have some form of color on them. I feel like my personality on the outside should match my personality and how I feel inside.


โ€œBehind the Scenesโ€ These 2 are always entertaining All I wanted was a picture. LOL #Momlife

I have already broken my closet shelf and had to have it re enforced. At this rate Iโ€™m going to need a new closet system. But that is a problem that I do not mind having. I am enjoying the benefits of weight loss. Itโ€™s a whole new level of self care.

The weight of all the new clothes and shoes brought it down!!