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Asian Fusion: Everything I Imagined It To Be!


Review: Osha Thai Sushi Galleria (Downtown)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Asian Fusion Restaurant

We have been anxiously waiting to get out and try one of these Asian Fusion Restaurants. I’ve seen a couple around Atlanta, so of course we were excited when my brother suggested we do a fusion place.

First of all, that lil breeze flowing through those Atlanta streets ain’t no joke. It was 30 degrees in ATL today.  I mean we expected a breeze but I guess being from Miami I’m not ever really prepared for the cold. The temperature of course blows colder than what it actually is. Especially in the shade.

The travel time from where we were was about 30mins to the restaurant. Directions for parking were clearly posted so once we arrived we headed to the parking garage to look for a space. Osha is attached to a condominium so the parking garages differ from that of the residents.   

Emerging from the garage was like heaven 😂, the warmth from the sun felt amazing. As soon as you exit the garage Osha is directly on the left-hand side. They do have a patio area, but it was not open during the time that we were there. I could only imagine it was because it was so cold out.

Upon entering the restaurant, we were seated immediately. We did have reservations but there was no wait when we arrived so that was good. The vibe was very tranquil, they had soft R&B tunes playing in the background. The décor was amazing, they have lots of visual art and plants all over. There was a lot of culture throughout the entire space. I loved the pendant lights hanging throughout.

Based off the website you would think the restaurant is fancier than it really is. We were over dressed for the occasion but that ain’t stop nothing. Osha offers a very chill and relaxing vibe – we dressed casual winter.   

Osha has a massive bar with TONS of selections from cocktails to wines, liquors, champagnes, bottle and can, and other alcoholic beverages.  We were seated right across from the bar you could hear the bottles popping the entire time during our visit.

Our server and the staff were very nice. Our server was able to offer some suggestions when we asked about their most popular dishes. I think we ordered most of the selections she mentioned.


Of course, appetizers and drinks were ordered. My brother and I both ordered the same drink and didn’t know it until they brought it to the table. The waiter was like “I have a Tiki Tai” and both of us reached for the glass. He must not have been paying attention to me when I ordered 😂.

We both got the Tiki Thai, OMG it was so good, not to strong not to sweet. It was rum based with a mango liqueur, lime, orange, and pineapple juices, with a pomegranate syrup. YUM!! I felt my buzz kick in after 3 sips of the straw.  

My husband got the bottomless mimosas. He said they were really strong, the amount of Champagne vs Juice was off for his liking but it wasn’t horrible. They only offered the orange and grapefruit juices for the mimosa. He ended up drinking 3.

As we ordered our food we started to look around at the presentation of some of the dishes that were being served around us. Osha can really plate some of their dishes, the color and the creativity of the plates made us want to order more.


All of the appetizers on the menu looked amazing. I think we ended up ordering 2 of the 3 recommended dishes, the Calamari and the Crab Cakes.

The Calamari was on point. It came presented on a bed of cabbage topped with jalapeño and this sauce on the side. It was fresh, it was crispy and the sauce that came with it was the bomb. I was hesitant to try the Calamari with the jalapeños because I normally don’t do spicy food; but I tried it and it was pretty good- the sauce took the edge off the peppers, so it wasn’t too bad.

The Crab Cakes came presented on a dish with and aioli drizzle and parsley. They were a little on the small side compared to others we’ve had but they were good.


I try to always go for a VSG friendly meal option, it has to fit a certain criteria because I refuse to go somewhere and get a stomach ache and can’t eat. Most of the food has to be easily digestible, high protein, lite, and lightly spicy if that has to be an option.

Let’s start with mine…

I ordered the Lobster Fried Rice, it came presented with a butterflied lobster tail on a bed of egg fried rice. It had 3 cute lil cucumbers and tomatoes for décor. The lobster was cooked to perfection. If eating lobster shell was a thing… no sauce would be needed. It was so crispy, it felt and looked like it was air fried in a butter mist. It was soft and buttery but it still had bounce to it, the flavor of the lobster was excellent!

The only thing I would change about the rice and this is my own O…PIN…I…ON was the wetness of it. During my big girl years, I loved Chinese takeout food and I am a saucy girl so I usually use about 4 packets of sauce; 1.5 soy and 2 duck if I eat a lunch portion of rice. And when I would re cook the leftovers I would usually do it in butter and still add sauce after. So, call it bad habit but that’s how I like it. I don’t eat Chinese take-out that much since surgery unless I’m craving.

My brother and I ordered a side of the calamari sauce to top our rice. Yes, we tasted it first. 

Once I topped my rice it was perfect.

My husband ordered the Pappardelle Seafood and man was it AMAZING!! It had shrimp, mussels, calamari, zucchini, and some other stuff. He said he felt full but not sluggish after he killed his entire plate. The noodles in the pappardelle were lite and satisfying, we’re guessing they were some kind of egg noodle.

My brother ordered the Crab Fried Rice. His food came presented with crab on top of a bed of fried egg rice. Also garnished with cucumbers. He said that it was pretty good, he added sauce to his rice as well.

The quantity and quality of the food was very well balanced. There was nothing to complain about, the drinks were fire the atmosphere was very relaxing, the location was easy to find, parking was easy and of course they had wonderful photo opps.

Definitely recommending this one. OSHA Asian Fusion Galleria did not disappoint. 5 stars across the board.

“An orgy for your tastebuds”…they were not lying!

Review: The Vortex Bar & Grill (Midtown)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Don’t you hate it when you eat something that’s so good?!

We went to The Vortex Bar & Grill in Midtown. This place has such a great vibe, the atmosphere, the people, and the food omg.

The parking sucks, but it’s downtown so it’s expected. We only walked like 5 mins and my feet weren’t hurting so that was great.

On first sight I was like what kind of crazy ass place did this boy bring us to?!  I see skulls, weird statues and sh!t. Once we got in, they were on a whole vibe.

We were seated rather quickly, the staff was great and quite helpful when it came down to the menu and making selections.

Of course, we started with shots the moment we sat down.

I get really big eyed when somebody mentions shots because if I ingest the right thing I am one and done okay. LMAO! My brother asked the waitress “what drinks are your most popular?”

This waitress said y’all should try the $3 shots of mystery (and get this they don’t tell you what’s in it) My brother was all like “yes we’ll take that” before she even finished explaining this secret shot. Then we ordered a round of cocktails afterwards.

I was like “oh lordy, I’m done for”.

Our Menu Selections

The hubbs had the ATLien it was a coconut rum-based drink. He thought it tasted pretty good. He said it was great if you like your drinks fruity and strong. I usually love my drinks strong and fruity but since surgery ½ shot and I’m good, 2 shots and there goes my memory. My new tolerance never kills the fun, the buzz comes quick and leaves just a quick.

We checked out this menu and EVERYTHING sounded good. I still follow a drink and eat waiting period, I don’t usually order a lot of food if I start with shots or any drinks. I give myself 30 mins in between eating and/or drinking. If I try to eat without giving myself time, I go into these indigestion spells where I burp uncontrollably. It’s super annoying.

We ordered the MAC ‘N’ CHEESY-CHANGA.

Listen to me…..that thang was so good. It is basically a deep-fried burrito stuffed with mac n cheese and pulled pork. It was so soft. (stage 3 soft foods) The flavor was so on point. No flavor overpowered the other, the balance was awesome. The cheese sauce was so rich and blended right into the BBQ sauce. YUM!! I wanted to order another menu item, but I was stuffed ½ way into my second piece.

My brother ended up ordering a burger with an egg on it and a side of fries. They were so good, crispy on the edges and soft in the middle. OMG!

Pay attention to yourself…

I enjoy ordering foods that are not hard to digest. I’ve learned it’s better to play as nice as you can with your new stomach taking into account that you may have to make adjustments when you eat.

I don’t take well to beef anymore. It makes me full super fast and I always feel constipated after I eat beef. I always try to opt out the beef with varieties of turkey, chicken, sea food and certain vegan meats.

I try to go for the highest protein rich meat available.

Everyone may not have to adjust their food. I don’t like feeling sick after I eat and I noticed that only happens when I eat certain things. I have also had to scale back on pastas and rice as well.

5 star rating for everything from atmosphere, to menu options, staff, vibe, décor and more. All in all it was a great experience. We definitely plan to go back again.