My Story


My name is Chachi (@iseeyouchachi on IG)

I want to share my story with you. I started having weight loss issues about 9 years ago following the birth of my daughter. I went through a lot of changes hormonally and it sent me through a whirlwind of depression, mental health issues, self care problems and body confidence struggles. After seeing multiple doctors and being tested back and forth for different medical conditions, I was diagnosed complete healthy with no medical issues except Anemia. Over the course of 6 years multiple doctors ruled out Diabetes, PCOS, Hypothyroidism, Lukemia, Von Willebrand Disease, Sickle Cell Disease, Sleep Apnea and more. 

In 2019, I started working for the hospital. On my initial hire appointment the doctor noticed my blood pressure was high. Call it nerves or whatever but I felt fine. He monitored my pressure for the duration of my medical biometrics clearance.  I was cleared but put on active watch status for Pre Hypertension. I had never experienced high blood pressure issues before. 6 months after my hire date my blood pressure was still high. I was put on blood pressure meds to control my condition. At another check up my doctor noticed my feet were swollen and my shoes were off balance. She wanted me to see a podiatrist, she said my weight wasn’t balanced and it was causing stress to my feet. Which would eventually start to cause back and body pain.

I was also sent to a plastics specialist for a reduction of my breast. The additional weight of my boobs was aiding in the all over body fatigue, body pain, night sweats, snoring etc; that started developing almost instantaneously after getting hired. I researched VSG for about 2 years before I actually decided to consider surgery. I had previously tried SlimFast, Weight Watchers, portion control, the 50 Million Pound Challenge, P90X, Insanity, Aerial Yoga, Walking, Laser Lipo, HCG diet, Zumba, It Works Wraps, daily treadmill workouts and a few other things.

While at work I had a talk with a friend and she had recently had a vertical sleeve gastrectomy. She explained how it was the best thing she could’ve ever done for herself. I was encouraged! After numerous late night emotional talks with my husband,  I decided I would take the journey. It was not an easy one at all. On January 29th 2020 I was admitted for surgery. The pre hypertension was eliminated immediately. I was out of work for 8 weeks of recovery.

VSG Bariatric Surgery saved my life

This phase of my life has been one of the most empowering. It has now been 13 months and I am 91lbs lighter. I started my journey with my weight peaking at 270lbs. Upon release from the hospital, I was about 255 right after surgery. Today I stand at 179lbs. 😊 

VSG gave me a new start on life. I am more active with my kids, my confidence levels are through the roof and life is AMAZING!! I don’t tell my story too often but I love when I get the chance to spread the knowledge and positivity to those who may be experiencing the same thing or something similar. Having VSG is a daily challenge. I have had to teach myself new habits almost daily in reference to my food intake, my daily vitamins, working out, staying hydrated and most importantly enjoying life and this journey.

I recently celebrated my “surgiversary” in January. Thank you for taking the time to read my story.