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After gaining 130+ pounds over my normal weight, and nearly losing myself over the course of a 20 year marriage (and let’s not forget the 4 kids), I decided to start this journey to find myself. To find confidence, peace, self worth, self love, self value, positive mental health, soul freedom, and happiness. I’m 1 year post op from making the bet decision of my life. 1 year into rebuilding my marriage with my husband of 20 years. Now entering year 2 of discovering who this woman is that I am becoming. I decided to document this journey for myself and my family. SELF CARE and SELF AWARENESS is very important and I want to inspire others to choose yourself and your personal care first. It’s okay to be there for others but be there for you FIRST!! This has been one hell of a journey and it’s time to share!! Motivational weight loss videos and photos Crazy inspirational before and after photos VSG Q & A

Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate the time you have taken to check in on my journey. I try to keep record on a regular basis. Something is always happening! There are many successes, challenges, and changes. I hope you find something from my journey to help you in some part of your day.

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That wasn’t exactly tasty

Advertisements “I stopped eating sugary and processed foods back in January 2020 in preparation for surgery.” Food Info.I am almost 13 months post op and I’m still learning things about myself and this new tongue that I have. Okay, so this is typically how my mornings go especially when I’m on the run. I usually…

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