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I always found it easier to ingest information from people with experience. In this section, I will offer you an in depth experience on things like pre and post operation struggles, advantages and disadvantages of VSG, and how this procedure has changed my life. I will share with you information that I have obtained over this journey.

Join me on this journey of self discovery, empowerment, and inspiration

New Release * Is bariatric surgery for me?

Are you considering bariatric surgery? Do you have a lot of questions but don’t know where to begin? Do you know if you will even qualify?

Yello Diamond’s e-guide Is Bariatric Surgery for Me? answers a few questions to help you understand if you are a good candidate for weight loss surgery.

By reading Is Bariatric Surgery for Me? you will get an understanding for

  • What steps you need to take to see if you qualify for weight loss surgery
  • If preexisting conditions will stop you from getting qualified
  • If you are considered high risk
  • What questions you should inquire with your doctor

Journey of self discovery, empowerment, and inspiration after bariatric surgery

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