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[Sticky] Life played a big part

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After the birth of my 4th child in 2012, I had a very difficult time losing weight. I figured it was just because I was getting older and my metabolism was slowing down. I went through years of testing all kinds of stuff. Genetic disorders, hormonal issues, blood diseases environmental factors etc. (there was this one time where I thought I was dying for 2 weeks because my doctor explained a condition to me wrong)

After 10 years of dieting, exercising, breastfeeding, and multiple lifestyle changes there wasn't much improvement. 2019 was not the greatest time of my life, My body began to constantly ache from the pain of the extra weight, being on my feet all day at work, you know mom life wife life is 24/7 so there was always something going on. The marriage was going through hella trials and gutter valleys, I was so emotionally and mentally drained I didn't care to find the motivation to do anything. 

I gave up! On EVERYTHING!😢

After a very hard night at home I cried..... I cried for days. asking myself what was the point of everything? What was the point of life at that moment? Why was everything so hard? What did I need? What was I missing?

I was going through.....

I did a lot of self-evaluating and eventually came to the decision to start with me first. I looked at the biggest flaw that I felt I had. The biggest issue I felt effected me the most. I took a couple of those internet test thingies, You know the ones that ask you questions like "who are the most important people in your life?" & "do you feel comfortable when...?"

I found out a lot about myself. Eventually, I made the decision to have bariatric weight loss surgery. 

What made you decide to get bariatric surgery?