But Snacks Are So Delicious😋


“Were you a snacker?” or should I ask… “How many of you were snackers?”

I became a snacker around 2017. I had a lot of 💩 going on and I dealt with some of it by snacking late at night. Prior to surgery I had to stop all sugar and processed foods per request of my doctor. Since having VSG surgery I have strayed away from all sugary drinks, processed foods, and sugary anything.

Even down to my coffee…I don’t use any sugar I try not to even put sugar in my tea. Now I did find that it is easier for my stomach to digest fresh baked goods rather than processed ones. If I bake toll house cookies fresh I can eat about 2 cookies. But, if I attempt to eat a Little Debbie snack, Oreo cookies, candy bars, any kind of candy (gummy candy is the worse)🤮 all things junk food have been basically scratched off the list.

I’m more into salty, crunchy things. I can do chips, crackers, nuts, fruit, not to many yogurt snacks. I can do all things protein, cheese sticks, granola products. Things of that nature.

I love snacking around so I make sure its healthy.

Journey of self discovery, empowerment, and inspiration after bariatric surgery

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