I underwent bariatric surgery on January 29th, 2020. I had a procedure done called Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy aka VSG. I recently celebrated my "Surgiversary" and decided to share my journey on a more personal level. I dropped 90lbs over the course of a year. Join me on this journey of self discovery, empowerment, and inspiration. Together we'll experience the VSG lifestyle, where I will offer you an in depth experience on things like pre and post operation struggles, advantages and disadvantages of VSG, how this procedure has changed my life and of course the amazing before and after photos.

what a jaw dropper 😮 an amazing 58 pound weight loss

August 2019 vs August 2020 I really can’t wait to go back to the Bahamas. I have to get some new photos in a new suit that matches this new me. I am currently 10 pounds lighter.