He warned me it would be horrible!

You know how the doctor always gives a list of instructions after surgery, it usually comes with a no no list?!

They Were The Reason

My kids have been such a critical part of this new foundation. They are my strength, my reasons for being, they are the motivation. When I began having children I didn’t think my weight would ever become a problem. I worked out, I ate right, everything. But, I soon found out that it’s more to…

Where My Heart SINGS

Creative words make for creative experiences. I tell stories, I write poems, I create lyrics. I sing with my heart. When my pen meets the paper….A new world begins. Welcome to My Poetry Corner.

Let doc mcstuffins do her thing

“Every new day is another chance to change your life” Stretchy clothes are the worst when it comes to before and afters but you get the point It’s hard to even recognize the old me sometimes. But, I know she previously existed💗

No Scale Victory

Well hello there! Here’s an angle I never get tired of . If you get it then you feel me!! NSV 🏆💪🏽⬇ 90 pounds We count the tiniest victories over here!!

25 vs 35

What can I say document, document, document

I said babe does this shirt look big?

We were shopping in Walmart and I had to stop and ask “babe does this shirt look really big? Because it feels like it looks really big…” I feel like this shirt is really big 90 pounds gone! I feel so good when I put these little snippets together. They help me to keep going….