I said babe does this shirt look big?

We were shopping in Walmart and I had to stop and ask “babe does this shirt look really big? Because it feels like it looks really big…” I feel like this shirt is really big 90 pounds gone! I feel so good when I put these little snippets together. They help me to keep going….

These leggeings make an outfit themselves

These leggings would’ve made a cute outfit all by themselves. 😂 Don’t worry about that emoji…ya’ll just here for the transformation 😂 Mind ya business, I was in my basketball player zone 😂💀🏀 So crazy I was like 10pounds heavier in the photo on the left at the time I took this photo. 90pounds ⬇

Post Op vs Post Op

6 months post op vs 9 months post op It is so important to document everything. The changes will amaze you 201 ➡ 185 ⬇ 16 pounds in 3 months


Accomplish anything you put your mind to! 💪🏽

Tip for Today

Take your time to heal. Everyone heals at different speeds and in different ways. What works for my body may not work for yours. We all have the same goal at the end which is to be healthy. Love your body


Damn! I am so proud of myself 💞 VSG for the Win 🏆

Safety Restrictions On My Birthday…Boooo!👎🏽

Last year I was on a safety restriction and I couldn’t walk without assistance. I was 3 weeks post op on my birthday last year. I had already dropped 35 pounds from my highest weight. I was in a good place even though I was in pain. My doctor had prescribed me a blood thinner…

Let Your Light Shine ✨

Let Your Light Shine so brightly that others can see their way out of the dark I want to be the best inspiration I can be to others on the same journey. It’s a challenging road to travel but I’m proof that you can do it. 12 months 3 weeks 3 days post #verticalsleevegastrecomy 270…